5"-6" 316 Full Liner Fitting Kit

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5"-6" 316 Full Liner Fitting Kit

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Flexible Chimney Flue Liner 316 5″-6″ Full Fitting Kit consists of:-

  • 316 6″ Ultra Flex Chimney flue liner (To line your masonry chimney)
  • Register plate with pre cut hole and inspection hatches 1000mm x 500mm (To block chimney off above your appliance and your stove pipe to run through)
  • Standard  5″-6″ adapter ( To connect to your stove pipe to your Ultra Flex chimney liner)
  • 1000mm (1m) matt black vitreous enamelled stove pipe  (To insert into the spigot on your stove / appliance)
  • Terracotta Suspending Cowl (To suspend flue liner at the chimney pot)
  • Nose Cone ( To attach to your Ultra Flex Flue liner for installation)
  • 500g Black Fire cement tub (use to  join your stove pipe to the spigot of your stove / appliance)
  • Debris collar
  • 10 year Carbon monoxide alarm.