Pro Care Eco 1250 Degree Ceramic Seal

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PROCare ECO 1250°C Black Ceramic Sealing

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PROCare ECO 1250°C Black Industrial High-Temperature Ceramic Sealing Compound is an engineered grade water-based ceramic seal designed for use where very high heat resistance is required

It is a non-toxic, water-based, highly formulated material produced from natural mineral products which have good thermal expansion and can be used in many high-temperature applications

It will bond to glass, ceramics, concrete, stone, brick, marble, silicate fibre materials, metals and many other inorganic materials

Typical uses include flue systems, fire installations, pizza ovens, kilns, firebrick repairs, thermal insulation boards, high-temperature seals and gaskets

It is resistant to attack from organic solvents, oil, mold, fungi and acids except hydrofluoric. Its water resistance will be improved by the application of heat