Sleepsafe Carbon Monoxide Alarm 10 year

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Sleepsafe Carbon Monoxide Alarm 10 Year Life

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Carbon Monoxide SleepSafe Alarm.

This carbon monoxide alarm from SleepSafe comes with a 10 year warranty and built-in battery. Ideal for homes, caravans, and boats, the alarm warns against dangerous levels of the odourless, tasteless and colourless gas of carbon monoxide.

Should be installed by a competent person and is designed to protect individuals from the acute effects of carbon monoxide exposure. It will not fully safeguard individuals with specific medical conditions, however, if in doubt it is imperative that a medical practitioner is consulted.

  • Certified to EN50291-1:2018 and EN50291-2:2019
  • Alarm memory function
  • 85dB audible alarm
  • 3 LED readouts
  • 10 year sealed-for-life battery