Vitcas 8mm Black Rope & Glue Kit

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Vitcas 8mm Black Rope & Glue Kit

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VITCAS Black Stove Rope Kit 8mm

The Stove Rope Replacement Kit is a must-have for any householder with a wood-burning stove. This kit is designed to replace the worn-out or damaged rope gasket around the door of your stove, ensuring a tight seal and maximum efficiency. Kit containing 2 meters of black fire resistant rope, black rope adhesive and protective gloves.


  • colour: black
  • fire resistant
  • High-quality material: The kit comes with a durable and heat-resistant fiberglass rope that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down.
  • Easy installation: The kit includes all the necessary tools and instructions to replace the rope gasket quickly and easily, without the need for professional assistance.
  • Universal fit: The rope gasket is adjustable and can be cut to fit any stove size or shape, making it a versatile solution for most wood-burning stoves.
  • Energy-saving: A tight seal around the stove door helps to reduce heat loss and improve the efficiency of your stove, ultimately saving you money on fuel costs.


  • Replacing a fire rope
  • Prevents heat loss: A worn-out or damaged rope gasket can allow air to escape from your stove, reducing its efficiency and wasting energy.
  • Increases safety: A tight seal around the stove door prevents the escape of harmful gases and smoke, improving the air quality in your home.
  • Cost-effective: This kit provides a simple and affordable solution for replacing a worn-out rope gasket, saving you money on expensive repairs or replacements.

Overall, the Stove Rope Replacement Kit is a practical and cost-effective solution for maintaining the efficiency and safety of your wood-burning stove.